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Evil! censorship! by the evil! state!


nothing to see here, folks

I was waiting for a streetcar outside 180 Queen Street West and I noticed the big (about 3 metres high) Haida sculpture in the lobby of the building.The figures at the bottom of the carving looked a bit peculiar — were they eagles with strange facial expressions and what looked likwe cravats around their necks? I went through the revolving doors to get a better look. Turns out that — this being a modern Haida carving — they were meant to be lawyers (legal eagles, anyone? Groan.) And the building was, among other things, a federal courthouse.

A security guy saw me taking a picture with my Palm Pilot and told me to cease and desist, as photography is never permitted inside federal courthouses – even in the lobby, which is basically spillover seating for the local Starbucks. So I deleted the photo, hence the empty frame on this page.