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How Julian got her purr back



Julian the cat has had quite a week, as have we. On Monday, she went in for a spaying and died while under anaesthetic, or so we believed at the time. The vet stopped performing CPR on her when it seemed to have no effect and then she spontaneously (bless her little heart) started breathing again. Warning us that she might not make it through the night, or might be severely brain-damaged, they called us to pick her up that evening, as they had no night doctor on duty. So we took her home, watched her slowly experiment with moving her legs, head, and tail, and waited for hopeful signs.

It’s been nothing but hopeful signs since then — Tuesday she managed to stand up in her litter box (and use it!); Wednesday she ate catfood from her dish and walked all around the ground floor of the house; and today we haven’t been able to stop her from climbing the stairs. Her eyesight is still dodgy — optic nerve damage is a common side effect of post-op respiratory failure — but she does seem to be well on her way back to being a happy little indoor cat.