Cats and .cats


I was just sent this rather peculiar, nationalist email image. If you follow the address, you find a countdown clock to 11 am on November 11th — accompanied by text which seems to suggest that, because Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia won their freedom because of the First World War (I know what you’re thinking … fat lot of good it did them), it would be a grand Remembrance Day gesture to give Catalunya its independence as well…

I'm Catlan I love freedom

Note the web address. Now, the history of the .cat top-level internet domain is a bit vexed. It was fnally approved in 2005 as the first language-specific (rather than country-specific) domain. There are rules in place to ensure that it won’t be taken over by (English-speaking) people who fancy small, crepuscular carnivorous mammals — or indeed by the small crepuscular carnivores themselves!

I'm a cat I love freedom