Ken Simons: Current web projects

Original site designs

  • Peace Magazine [online sampler for an established print magazine, with extensive online archives and index]
  • [formerly professional development site for ECE consultant]
  • [community outreach site for Prince Edward Island's poet laureate].
  • [retired academic's personal site, linking to several book and project sites:]
  • [official site for a downtown Toronto church. Fully smartphone-aware]
  • [professional site for my wife, a literary author]
  • [professional site for my father-in-law, a literary author]
  • [academic site for South-East Asia specialist, with 50 years' worth of archives]
  • [campaigning site for newly-launched organization]
  • Science for Peace [Conversion of archived files to Textpattern; redesigned from bottom up for accessibility; greatly expanded archival material]
  • [site for a public conference; now populated with extensive audio and video clips, background papers, and archival material in general]
  • Canadian Sanctuary Network [campaigning site with a range of downloadable resources and inline video]
  • Toronto Urban Native Ministry [smart, lightweight one-page starter site]
  • The Nightingale Society [smartphone-aware; done in Wordpress to allow for mailing list integration]


Book-length single-file site

A scan of a rare print copy of Thirty-One Hours: The Grindstone Island Experiment (Grindstone Press/Canadian Friends Service Committee, 1966) can now be browsed or printed from An epub edition is also available. This book is frequently quoted in texts and bibliographies related to nonviolent social defence, but until now has not been available online.

Adaptive redesigns

These sites were all originally designed by others, but I am now either the webmaster or consultant designer. In addition to cleaning up the pages and making them easier to update, I have also adapted them for access by disabled users and/or people with older or non-standard browsers.

Links to external sites designed by me will open in a layer above this page. Alternately, if you want to open a link in a new tab or window, you can simply right-click on the link (ctrl-click if using a trackpad) to choose that option. Thanks to GreyBox Redux for the script.